About - UniquelyVal

The "Unique" behind UniquelyVal

Uniquely Val is a business that I started from a hobby. The hobby was a way for me to let Family and Friends know how special they are to me by making hand crafted jewelry gifts for them at Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Special Occasion Gifts and just because gifts. After years of Friends and Family encouraging me to turn a hobby into a business I decided to share these unique pieces with others.

What makes my jewelry unique is that each piece is a one of a kind designed and hand made by me. They are only sold in sets of 2 to 4 pieces. Most 3 and 4 pieces can be purchased for one price and shared as gift.

Jewelry unlike clothing is not a "one size fits all" or a size for everyone. The jewelry you wear should represent your unique style. Uniquelyval jewelry eliminates looking across the room and seeing someone wearing the exact same set or pieces. Because I make each piece with the love of my friends and family on my mind care is given to each piece to make it something they would love wearing.

The materials used are hyper allogenic and quality material (which you can normally tell by the weight of the material).

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